The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Spondylolisthesis 

 September 14, 2022

By  Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

chiropractic spondylolisthesisThere are a lot of reasons why people seek the care of a healthcare professional, and one of the most common examples is back pain. Back pain can show up in a variety of locations, ranging from the neck to the lower back. Before discussing treatment options, it is critical to figure out why someone is suffering from back pain. One potential reason is called spondylolisthesis, which takes place when one of the discs slips out of place. Essentially, one of the vertebrae moves more than it should. Even though many people believe they might require surgery, that is not always the case. A chiropractor can provide effective treatment for spondylolisthesis, providing a number of benefits while also limiting possible complications and side effects.

What Are the Top Causes of Spondylolisthesis?

Similar to other causes of back pain, there are lots of possible causes of spondylolisthesis. There are some situations where people are born with it. If the spine doesn’t form properly prior to birth, a baby could be born with spondylolisthesis.

Then, there are some situations where spondylolisthesis could develop as a result of spondylolysis. Spondylolysis takes place when there is a crack in the vertebrae, and it could cause them to weaken. As a result, spondylolisthesis could develop.

There are other situations where spondylolisthesis could develop over time due to degeneration. It is not unusual for the discs between the vertebrae to begin to dry out. As a result, they may start to shrink, causing them to slip out of place. This could lead to spondylolisthesis. There are even situations where a traumatic accident, such as a sports injury or motor vehicle collision, could cause one of the vertebrae to slip.

What Are the Symptoms of Spondylolisthesis?

There are several possible symptoms that could develop as a result of spondylolisthesis. Muscle spasms are very common with this condition. People may feel muscles spasm in the lower back, and other people may feel muscles in their upper legs, such as the hamstrings, begin to spasm as well. Many people also complain of back stiffness, which can make it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time.

Back pain is also common with spondylolisthesis. There are some situations where back pain can get worse when someone bends over. Depending on the degree of slippage, people with spondylolisthesis may also develop numbness or weakness.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor can provide effective treatment for spondylolisthesis. A chiropractor can take a look at the back and figure out which vertebra has slipped out of place. Then, a chiropractor can measure the degree of misalignment before using manual therapy to move the vertebrae back in place.

Using a series of control thrusts (aka chiropractic adjustments), it is possible to move the vertebrae back into proper alignment while limiting possible complications and side effects. A chiropractor may also recommend certain exercises to strengthen muscles on either side of the spinal column. This can reduce the chances of symptoms coming back.

Rely on a Chiropractor for Help With Spondylolisthesis

Clearly, a chiropractor can provide effective treatment for spondylolisthesis. If you have suffered a slipped disc in your back, it is critical to reach out to a chiropractor as quickly as possible. A chiropractor can put the vertebrae back in proper alignment, providing treatment that can reduce the chances of the symptoms coming back. Furthermore, by avoiding prescription medications and surgery, it is possible to limit complications. The sooner you reach out to a chiropractor, the faster the treatment process can begin.

Consider working with a local chiropractor for help with the treatment of spondylolisthesis. If you don’t have a local chiropractor, please give us a call. Our Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to treat conditions like spondylolisthesis and will help you overcome pain associated with this condition. So give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

I was raised in a chiropractic family. My father was a chiropractor and my 3 brothers are chiropractors. I have worked in this office since 1997 and have seen thousands of lives changed through chiropractic. I use the Activator Technique to detect and correct subluxations (pinched nerves) and advise on behavior changes to get the best health that you have had in years.

Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

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