Why Ergonomics At Work Are Important For Spinal Health 

 February 23, 2022

By  Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

ergonomics at work spinal healthWhen you go to work at the office, you probably do not expect to suffer any serious injuries; however, if you do not pay attention to the ergonomics of your work setup, you could end up with a wide variety of health concerns. In particular, your work ergonomics could play a significant role in the health of your spine. Take a look at a few of the most important reasons why work ergonomics is so important to your spinal health. Then, learn more about how a chiropractor can help you.

What Is Meant By Work Ergonomics?

First, it is important to understand what we are talking about when we discuss work ergonomics. Even if you do not work a job that involves manual labor, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons still have to do a tremendous amount of work throughout the course of the day. You need to put them in the best position possible to support your daily movements while also minimizing your chances of being hurt. That is where work ergonomics can help you. Anything you do to put yourself in a better position to remain healthy while at work falls under the category of work ergonomics. Your work ergonomics can also have a significant impact on the health of your spine.

What Impact Does Work Ergonomics Have on the Health of Your Spine?

There are several examples of impacts that work ergonomics may have on the health of your spine. They include:

  • If your desk is not at the right height, you may have to bend over a lot to do work, placing stress on your vertebrae.
  • If you do not have proper lumbar support, you could place yourself at risk of developing lumbar spine issues.
  • If your vertebrae are pinched, you may develop nerve pain traveling from your back to your arms and legs.

These are just a few of the biggest ways that work ergonomics may impact the health of your spine. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help you address many of these concerns.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You?

If you have suffered an injury while at work, a chiropractor might be able to help you. First, a chiropractor can take a look at your injury to figure out exactly what happened. By getting to the root cause of your injury, a chiropractor can let you know what you need to do to recover.

Then, a chiropractor can also talk about ways you can prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future. That is exactly where work ergonomics comes into play. A chiropractor can talk to you about ways you can reduce stress on certain parts of your body, including your spine, to prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future.

Pay Attention To Work Ergonomics

Ultimately, these are just a few of the most important points you need to remember when it comes to work ergonomics and its impact on your spinal health. You may not realize just how much support your spine gives you during the course of the day. If you do not pay attention to your work ergonomics, the health of your spine could begin to suffer.

Fortunately, this is not an issue you have to face on your own. You should reach out to a chiropractor who can take a look at your spine, discuss your work ergonomics with you, and let you know what you can do to improve your overall health. If you are proactive about protecting the health of your spine, you can reduce your chances of developing serious medical issues down the road.

If you don’t have a local chiropractor, please give us a call. Our Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to help people just like you who are looking for ways to protect their spine while at work. So give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

I was raised in a chiropractic family. My father was a chiropractor and my 3 brothers are chiropractors. I have worked in this office since 1997 and have seen thousands of lives changed through chiropractic. I use the Activator Technique to detect and correct subluxations (pinched nerves) and advise on behavior changes to get the best health that you have had in years.

Dr. Kathryn Jones-McCaw

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